Saturday, June 27, 2015

Speed Humps/Bumps 101

'Traffic-Calming' Devices That Work 

Here are two 'traffic-calming' devices used in series on a stretch of local road we frequently travel.

Note in these photos that in both 'humps' the gradient used does not appear to be appreciably steep.   Yet, the physical effect upon the vehicle is immediate and the driver is instantly aware of the need to slow down or risk going airborne (or at least gets the feeling that it's about to happen).

Note as well that by use of a shallow gradient, winter snowplows are not inhibited in their task, nor is there evidence of damage to the hump itself from such plowing or damage to abutting road surfaces on either side of the hump.

In the photos below, note that Device #1 is designed to act simultaneously as a pedestrian crossing.
Device #2 'calms' traffic along a curve.

Device #1.

 Device #2.

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