Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is Barack Hussein Obama too psychologically flawed to be President?

by G.M. Heller
Published: Sunday, October 19, 2008

Candidate Barack Hussein Obama's performance the other afternoon at the Alfred E. Smith dinner in New York was revealing.
It showed just how close to the surface resides Mr. Obama's apparently highly fragile ego.
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The candidate seems obsessed with the lone news organization unwilling to sing his tune.
His references to Fox News and Rupert Murdoch at the dinner -- and also in his stump speeches of late -- are just getting plain weird.
Further, his campaign's smear attacks on a $40,000-a-year Toledo, Ohio journeyman plumber (in the wake of Obama's own revealing slip of the tongue exposing his real agenda for raising taxes to "spread the wealth") show this candidate to be a humorless, angry, megalomaniacal soul determined to have everyone love him -- at all costs.
(And for those who don't, better watch out!)
Is there any real doubt that the fact that Obama was abandoned -- first by his irresponsible father, then by his stepfather, and finally by his equally irresponsible mother -- had real and searing effects on the young Obama, and that now as an adult, he is showing evidence of real psychological flaws, and apparently not small ones.
Must America pay for this emotional cripple's therapy by handing over to him its Oval Office -- especially when we really don't know for certain just who this fellow is?
What little does get revealed is not pretty.

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