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Nilan 'Hit-and-Run' Victim Peter Moore

(Photograph #1 - Click on image to enlarge.)
By G.M. Heller
Published: Thursday, January 19, 2012

PITTSFIELD -- A massive swelling the size of a half grapefruit is plainly evident on the cranium of 'hit-and-run' accident victim Peter Moore, shown here recovering in a Berkshire Medical Center hospital bed. An overhead fluorescent light clearly outlines the contours of Moore's severe head injury received when Moore, jogging the evening of December 8, 2011 along a well-lit section of Winesap Road in 'The Orchards' neighborhood of Pittsfield, was hit head-on and catapulted nearly face-first into the windshield of an SUV driven at a high rate of speed by Meredith Nilan, 24, a neighbor living just down the same street.

The impact left the SUV's windshield with a head-sized hole (seen close-up below), along with the vehicle's front-end damaged and dented. Moore himself sustained injuries that were extensive, including a concussion, fractured calf bone, a broken vertebra, a bruised colon, trauma to the left side of his body, and abrasions "from head to toe," according to the report filed by Pittsfield police. The 2001 Subaru Forester is registered to Ms. Nilan's father, Clifford J. Nilan, chief probation officer at Berkshire Superior Court Probation Department in Pittsfield.

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Peter Moore, shown here recovering at Berkshire Medical Center, was the victim of a hit-and-run driver the evening of December 8, 2011 while jogging with his dog along Winesap Road near his Pittsfield home. Here, registered nurse Amy Ruef scans Moore's medical bracelet used to track and dispense his medication.
Photo Credit: Ben Garver / Berkshire Eagle Staff

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A large round hole is evidence of the intensity of the impact made by Peter Moore's face and forehead into the center of the SUV's windshield.

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Front-end damage, including missing grillework and severe hood indentations on a 2001 Subaru Forester registered to Clifford J. Nilan of Pittsfield, is evidence of the SUV's head-on collision with jogger Peter Moore. The accident vehicle is shown here photographed in The Nilan's driveway at 72 Winesap Road in Pittsfield. Nilan's daughter, Meredith, is fighting charges she was driving and struck Moore head-on, then drove off. Moore lives around the corner on McIntosh Drive.
(Compare the damaged Subaru Forester's hood and grillework to the photograph below of the same year model Subaru in mint condition.)


(Photograph #5 - Click photo to enlarge.)
A 2001 Subaru Forester SUV for sale at of approximately the same color and style as that of the SUV that struck Peter Moore head-on, then sped off.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that he survived - looking at that hole in the windshield where his head went through it - amazing! And the damage to the hood of the car as well! Note exactly where, on the windshield, the hole is - right next to the driver, Meredith Nilan. He was likely looking right at her and she at him - she was literally inches away from him, yet didn't know what she hit? And she drove away. That sickens me that any human being could do that! Our justice system in Pittsfield, and lack thereof, also sickens me. The people here no longer have any faith in it at all. The fact that too many bloggers are saying that no one serving on a jury should convict anyone until Meredith Nilan is convicted is frightening as well. And still nothing from our esteemed DA! The outrage from the victim and his family can easily be seen in his words in the latest article - I know how upset I am over this and I can't even begin to imagine how upset he and his family must be!

If the police did, in fact, do a thorough investigation and interviewed the other people at the "BYP" social gathering and the bartenders, etc., and determined that she had been drinking, this IS a felony! But our Palookaville can't even win a show cause hearing on misdemeanor charges! Way too much sleaziness around here! But as Cliff Nilan and Capeless knows, time will cool most people down and they will forget and move on to the next issue with nothing being done to get the justice that this victim deserves.

Friday, January 20, 2012 1:15:00 AM  

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