Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fed Steroid Probe: Who's Next?

Investigation Has Many in Berkshire County on Edge

by G.M. Heller
Published: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 06:30AM

Pittsfield, Massachusetts -- The U.S. Postal Investigative Service/U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration probe into illegal Anabolic Steroid use in Pittsfield has already produced fallout, sidelining one Pittsfield Police Department officer and one Massachusetts State Police officer.

The PPD officer is David P. Kirchner of Lenox, while the MSP officer has yet to be named and is, according to The Berkshire Eagle, a "trooper, who is stationed at the Russell barracks and is believed to live in Berkshire County". (Editor's note: District Attorney David F. Capeless revealed March 29th that the name of the Massachusetts State Police trooper implicated in the federal probe is Daniel Gale.)

Who's next to be engulfed in this scandal?

Based on PPD's own March 10th, 2011 Internal Affairs report, there's at least one more PPD employee whose fate has yet to be made public.

Berkshire Eagle reporter Conor Berry reports in today's (March 26) Berkshire Eagle the following, based on PPD's Internal Affairs report:
[Brackets below indicate this writer's own edits]

"(O)fficials [presumably USPIS/DEA] met with [PPD's Internal Affairs pointman Capt. David R.] Granger on March 7 and March 8, turning over various investigatory materials, including supporting affidavits, written and audio statements and other evidence implicating Kirchner and an unidentified individual in the illegal purchase of steroids."
[Italics added by this writer for emphasis.]

Now by definition, USPIS/DEA would only be turning over to PPD's Internal Affairs unit 'investigatory materials' related to matters within the IA unit's jurisdiction -- meaning matters specifically involving PPD personnel. Therefore, there remains one PPD employee whose fate has so far not been made public.

Who is that unidentified PPD employee and when will PPD tell the public of its actions regarding this person's specific case?

Further, Capt. Granger's IA Report is dated Thursday, March 10. That's more than two weeks ago. Just when was PPD going to get around to making that IA report public (and when was The Berkshire Eagle, which initially had to be brought kicking and screaming even to report on this federal investigation, finally going to report it)?

Further, the public still is not being told the who, what, where, how and when as to the event/bust/or whatever allegedly took place in downtown Pittsfield sometime during the period March 12-19. It is that event which first caused a rash of rumors to circulate throughout the city.

Just as important, and the question keeping many in Berkshire County on edge: who else is being implicated in the Feds' steroids probe by the person known only as "[name deleted], the subject and defendant" [quoting directly from PPD's IA report]?

According to information that has come 'over the transom', that list of possible 'who else's' may include "many more PPD patrons [of a steroids dealer] than they [USPIS/DEA originally] thought but also lawyers and other prominent people ...". <<<<< --------------------------------------------------------------------

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