Friday, March 25, 2005

Topic: Domestic violence in The Berkshires.

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Blogger jonathan said...

16 DEC 2005

Dear Berkshire Bloggers:

I had lunch with my mother yesterday and she told me of the woman whom Denis Guyer is referring to. I won't state her name because she too is a victim of Denis Guyer's slander and the real criminal's threatening behavior.

In 1996, I became friends, and nothing more than just friends, with a woman in Becket, Massachusetts. This woman's father threatened me very badly for befriending his daughter. He would viciously point his finger at me every time we met. He would viciously verbally assault me with the most degrading of put-downs. He even threatened to assault me. One day, this man showed up at a bank I was doing business in, pointed his finger at me, put me down, and by the time I left the bank I was shaking with fear of my life. After this point, any contact I had with the woman I had befriended was overtoned by her father telling me to stay out of here. This went on for over 3 years. Finally, the Massachusetts State Police intervened. They stopped this man from assaulting and harassing me. They ended the friendship I had with this man's daughter. After the police intervened, my mother was viciously threatened by this man, who, according to my mother, all but punched her in her face.

I asked my mother why the Massachusetts State Police do NOT arrest this criminal?

My mother told me that she believes this man is now filtering his violence against me through State Representative Denis E. Guyer. I WANT THIS VIOLENCE TO END RIGHT NOW!

Please forward my message to the Berkshire County District Attorney's Office, the Massachusetts State Police, and other appropriate Law Enforcement Officials! I will travel to Massachusetts to turn myself in if I committed any crimes, including sending this email.




Jonathan A. Melle

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 2:32:00 PM  

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